Personalized Photo Projection Necklace - Pet Paw

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Product Descriptions
Item#: DRN0865

A classic picture projection necklace with a pet paw shape. Cute dog paws have always been used to express love for pets. Engrave your pet's photo into the projection. The good memories engraved in the necklace will not be forgotten. This exquisite projection necklace will be an excellent complementary accessory for all kinds of clothing and occasions.

Customize Your Picture Projection Necklace


Engrave the precious memories of you and your pet in the projection necklace! Maybe your pet has gone or is aging, we can at least treasure the beautiful moments together. You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, landscapes and even symbols, and you can use the text as a souvenir.


In addition to simply filling the projection stone with the photo of your choice, we also provide several projection templates. Why not put pictures of pets in the template and say I love you in 100 languages.

Meaningful Accessory & Memorial Gift


This custom projection necklace engraved with pet photos will provide you with the perfect accessory or a meaningful souvenir for your loved one.


We customize the photo projection necklace for you to cherish or share your good time. It is also an ideal warm comfort for loved ones and friends who have lost their pets.


How do projection necklaces work?


First of all, the picture of your choice is made into a 3mm color microphotograph. Then the tiny piece of artwork is inlaid on the flat side of a molded lens. The specially designed lens is then glued to the central gem of the pendant.


When the pendant is held up to a light source, such as the flashlight on your cell phone, light passes through the central stone, enlarging and projecting the image onto a surface, just like a slide projector works. That’s how the picture, along with the text you may have also added, delivers a message of love.

Necklace Information
Chain Type: O-chain
Material: Copper
Length: 450 mm